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Legislative Action : How to Get Involved

In 2006 Massachusetts elected a Democratic Governor for the first time in twenty years.  We saw the Democrats take back Congress and stop the assault on working families by the Republican Party.  Now, with the 2008 elections upon us we must work to elect a President that will advance the agenda of working families.  The number one issue, once again is healthcare for working families.  Since the year 2000 Local 223 healthcare costs have increased by 62%.  We need elected officials that recognize the need to bring healthcare cost under control.  Contractors that pay for their employees benefits should be rewarded for providing coverage but instead have to compete with contractors who do not provide healthcare coverage.

Congress attempted to pass legislation for union authorization by card check.  This would enable employees to form unions by signing a card authorizing union representation.  This legislation passed the Hours of Representatives but failed in the Senate.  President Bush threatens a veto if this reached his desk.  We need a President who will push for this legislation and sign it as soon as he or she takes office.

Here in Massachusetts, now with a Democratic Governor, we need to push legislation for Resort style casinos, one of which will be located within our jurisdiction.  We have to educate our elected officials about the need for new types of energy generation.  Whether it is renewable or clean technology for natural gas or coal.  There will be times that we disagree, but we have to find common ground and work together to get these projects started.

Every member of IBEW Local 223 must understand the importance of being politically active in their community. We must remember that we are the voice of the Community. We live in the Community, raise our families, work, and more importantly we VOTE in the Community.

This is an election year and as always we are looking for help in electing candidates that share the same goals as the members of Local 223.